Austrian Vacation Rentals and Travel Packages
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Austrian Vacation Rentals and Travel Packages

Choose between 2 Untour locations or combine both in an Untours Sampler:
a gorgeous Alpine setting near Salzburg or world-class Vienna


The Salzburg region is the perfect place to go for fascinating culture and stunning outdoor beauty.
  • Majestic Salzburg with its delightful Mirabell Gardens, famous castle, plentiful shopping opportunities, and extraordinary concerts
  • Pristine beauty in the nearby Austrian Alps, with towering peaks and placid lakes
  • Untours villages in the scenic countryside provide good access to Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, and the Danube
  • Natural wonders abound with waterfalls, an ice cave, and salt mines, all within easy reach
  • Spend one or two relaxing weeks here or combine one week in Salzburg with one week in Vienna or the Bavarian Castle in Germany on an Untours Sampler


Cosmopolitan Vienna, known for its rich cultural heritage is quintessential Old World Europe.
  • Opera houses, concert halls, and churches offering some of the world's greatest performances
  • Lush, well tended gardens like the Stadtpark or gardens of Belvedere Palace, an oasis in this vibrant city
  • Cafés and coffeehouses serving the most delicious coffee and desserts imaginable
  • Endless day trip possibilities to Graz, romantic Danube castles, and the spa town of Baden
  • With an Untours Sampler, you can enjoy a week in Vienna and combine it with a week in Prague, Budapest or Salzburg.