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Sustainable Travel: 6 Ways to Green Your Untour

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April 22, 2019 by Andrea Szyper

Happy Earth Day! Anyone who follows UnTours knows that we are more than simple tree huggers around here. We are a B Corp, undergoing a regular certification that verifies our ecological business practices. We run on solar power, compost lunch scraps, print double-sided to save paper, and buy carbon offsets for staff travel and commutes.

And most importantly, we are owned by the UnTours Foundation, which supports numerous green initiatives. Your UnTours travel support the foundation’s work! So your Untour is green no matter what. You can feel really good about that.

If you want to go even greener, here are some additional ideas to consider.

green travel UnTours

Buy a green tag

Long haul flights have a carbon footprint that is hard to ignore. We can’t and won’t stop traveling, but we can take simple steps to offset the CO2 our travel creates. Your donation for a green tag helps plant trees and support green energy projects, to help mitigate some of that damage.

Consider staying longer and flying less often

Making fewer trips in a year with longer stays can help cut your air miles. Consider spending more time when you do hop the pond, maybe combining destinations instead of covering them in separate trips. We can help you work out samplers and extended trips that let you see and do more.

green travel UnTours

Consider a rail Untour

Many of our UnTours include a rail pass or a city transit pass, so you don’t need to drive. Switzerland is a perfect place to ride the rails. The German Rhine is another favorite rail Untour. In our city UnTours, you will rely on mass transit. In Scotland and Ireland, you have the option of not using a rental car.

Don’t upgrade your rental car

Europeans drive smaller cars for many reasons, fuel efficiency being one of them. If you do book a driving Untour, stick with the smallest model possible. And consider taking a day off the road. In Tuscany that might mean hopping a train to Florence for a day; it’s relaxing too.

green travel UnTours

Learn from the location

Part of understanding and respecting the culture is following its rules: turning the heat off while you are out for the day, sorting your recycling, even simple composting in some regions. In the gorgeous region of the Amalfi Coast, for instance, there is an intricate system that helps protect all of the beauty you see. In most UnTours locations, you will find a washing machine but no dryer, so you can hang your clothes outside to line dry like the locals do.

Donate to the UnTours Foundation

The UnTours Foundation supports a number of green projects, from local food economies to eco laundry services. Traveling with UnTours helps support the Foundation’s work and mission, so you should feel good about your UnTours travel!

Thank you for traveling with UnTours and for all the ways you use your dollars to vote for a brighter, more sustainable future for the planet and all of its inhabitants!