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Top 10 Untours for Family Travel

Family travel Heartland Oberland Switzerland Ticino

November 18, 2014 by Andrea Szyper

Family photo courtesy of Carl Peters

Each of our UnTours has something for everyone. It is hard to narrow it down to 10, but here are our favorite spots for a multigeneration vacation.

1. Swiss Heartland and Swiss Oberland
You mean the photo isn’t enough? Then consider the endless hiking trails, mountain peak vistas, picturesque mountainside villages, and compelling transit: cog trains, lifts and boat cruises. Discover Heidi’s Switzerland. Rent bikes. Swim in the lake. Meet the cows and pick wildflowers. Did we mention the cheese and chocolate? In summer you can ride scooters down the mountains, and the Transportation Museum in Lucerne is a perennial hit. (Don’t forget our special kids’ pricing there!)

2. Tuscany
Try a farm stay in the heart of Tuscany. Many properties have a garden and yard, outdoor lounge furniture and swimming pools. Our favorite family spot, Le Chiuse, even has bikes to lend, a ping pong table, and a bocce court. The owners sometime host pizza parties. Your teens will love the Wi-Fi, and they can even hike up into town. Italians love kids, and car-free historic towns centers offer markets and towers and fortresses to explore.

3. German Rhine
An enchanting part of Germany alive with folklore and legend, exploring the villages along the Middle Rhine is like walking through a story book. Hilltop castles round out the view, and all generations will enjoy riding the riverboats and trains. Such friendly, safe, and charming little towns to explore!

4. Greece
Beautiful beaches, great food, warm people. Take a boat to one of the islands nearby, climb through ruins, or hang out in the car free old town in lovely Nafplio. UnTours General Manager Brian Taussig-Lux recently returned from a trip with his daughter: “She enjoyed a donkey ride on car-free Hydra and a dip in the sea on Spetses.” 

5. Austria
The hills are alive with The Sound of Music! And not only that. Discover the mountains on an Alpine hike, savor the chocolate, hop on and off of the trains, and visit historic castles and villages in a storybook setting.

6. Alsace
Alsace offers a wealth of lovely playgrounds, plus opportunities to interact with animals. Hunawihr has one of many stork parks, where kids can see the birds in their nests and watch otters. The Kintzheim calls itself the “village of animals in freedom”  where visitors can interact with monkeys and watch falconers.

7. Venice
Imagine a city with no car traffic! Take boats everywhere, or walk along the canals and count bridges. It’s hard to find a campo that doesn’t have kids playing soccer. Gelato is everywhere. And the city is very safe, so teens can explore on their own.

8. German Castle
You sleep in a castle. (Bragging rights forever!) Also, your host, the Baron, collects vintage cars which he will happily show you. Need we say more? Explore the walled villages, and hunt for the area’s legendary storks. 

9. Paris
So much to see in the big city! Dozens of museums to fit every taste and interest. Climb the Eiffel Tower. Cruises the Seine. Hunt gargoyles on Notre Dame. Visit the Luxembourg Gardens, where you can enjoy pony rides, puppet shows, sailboats and a carousel. Explore fantastic playgrounds at the Jardin des Tuileries and elsewhere.

10. Swiss Ticino
All the best of Swiss travel with an Italian inflection. Swiss efficiency and transit (boats, trains, buses), plus excellent gelato, pasta and pizza. The hiking is beautiful, and the colorful lakeside villages are lovely.