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COVID-19 and Untours Travel to Europe

This page last updated 9/17/2021

Despite recent recommendations announced by the EU, each member state determines its own policy for accepting international visitors. Early indications show that nearly all of our Untours countries intend to continue allowing entry for vaccinated visitors from the US and Canada.

Most of our UNTOURS are open for fall travel. We are monitoring changes for entry requirements. Meanwhile, we have already hosted guests on 5 different Untours!

Though things look different than they did before COVID, it is an exciting time to travel to Europe. We do our best to update this page, but things are changing very quickly, so caveats apply.

COVID and Travel to Europe


These countries are open and our Untours and/or Ventures programs there are opening. Please note this could change at any time, based on local conditions and closures.

GREECE Our Untours in Greece are open. See travel details.
   Nafplio Untour

FRANCE Our Untours in France are open. See travel details.
   Alsace Untour   Paris Untour    Provence Untour

GERMANY Our Untours in France are open. See travel details.
    Castle Untour    Rhine Untour

IRELAND Our Ireland Untours are open. See travel details.
    County Kerry Untour

ITALY Our Italy Untours are open. See travel details.
    Venice Untour    Rome Untour    Florence Untour
    Tuscany Untour    Amalfi Coast Untour    Umbria Untour

PORTUGAL Our Portugal Untours are open. See travel details.
    Sintra Untour    Porto Untour

SPAIN Our Spain Untours are open. See travel details.
    Barcelona Untour    Andalusia Untour

SWITZERLAND Our Swiss Untours are open. See travel details.
    Swiss Heartland    Swiss Oberland Untour

THE UK Our Untours in England and Scotland are open for qualifying travelers. Read more here.
    Central Scotland Untour    Scottish Highlands Untour     London Untour

AUSTRIA Our Austria Untours are open.
    Vienna Untour

HOLLAND will drop its quarantine requirements for vaccinated, COVID-negative visitors on September 22. Our Dutch Untour is open. See more.
    Leiden Untour


These countries have quarantine requirements and/or limitations. We are monitoring the situation.




More Info, Resources, and Data

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Untours Travel Updates for Europe

Vaccinations will be required for all Untours travelers

Thank you for helping us keep our European colleagues, apartment hosts, and Untours community and neighbors safe.

Fall of 2021 in Europe

It is an historic time to visit Europe. Though you may find some rstrictions, closures, or capacity limits, you will likely also find fewer tourists and a warmer reception from local communities. In places like France and Italy, proof of vaccination (or Green Pass) are required for entrance to indoor places like museums and restaurants. If you are flexible, it is a fantastic time to travel!

If you have a booking for 2021 in a country that is open for travel, our normal cancellation penalties will apply if you decide to cancel. We have worked hard with staff and especially with apartment owners to postpone reservations and roll over payments. While they have been very flexible and forgiving, we need to be fair to them. We must enforce our cancellation penalties in full and treat any rescheduling as a cancellation and new booking. You can see our policy here.

We are tracking the Delta variant and any new restrictions it brings. We continue to monitor local conditions to open our Untours programs safely.

Some general travel notes:
  • Passport renewals are very backed up. Allow extra time! Read more.
  • Global rental car shortages are impacting fleets in Europe, limiting options in some cases for upgrades, one-way drop offs, and price options.
Insure all your travels!
Visit the Travel Insured website for updates on COVID-19 and coverage for your travel.

Stay safe and well, friends!

Get vaccinated! Be good to each other. We'll see you soon on an UNTOUR in Europe.