Updates on COVID-19 coronavirus and travel to Europe
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COVID-19 and UnTours Travel to Europe

This page last updated 9/27/2022. Conditions are changing quickly, so check the official sources linked below for the most up-to-date policies by country.

Europe is open to travel for vaccinated visitors from the US and Canada. Entry requirements and local restrictions vary by country. UnTours requires that all travelers be fully vaccinated, and some European nations require proof of vaccination booster shots as well.

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We do our best to update this page, but things are changing very quickly, so caveats apply.

COVID and Travel to Europe

FRANCE BOOK FRANCE France Entry Policy French Travel Info
ITALY BOOK ITALY Italy Entry Policy Italian Travel Info
GERMANY BOOK GERMANY Germany Entry Policy German Travel Info
IRELAND BOOK IRELAND Ireland Entry Policy Irish Travel Info
GREECE BOOK GREECE Greece Entry Policy Greek Travel Info
PORTUGAL BOOK PORTUGAL Portugal Entry Policy Portugal Travel Info
SPAIN BOOK SPAIN Spain Entry Policy Spain Travel Info
SWITZERLAND BOOK SWITZERLAND Swiss Entry Policy Swiss Travel Info
HOLLAND BOOK HOLLAND Holland Entry Policy Dutch Travel Info
HUNGARY BOOK BUDAPEST Hungary Entry Policy Budapest Travel Info

More Info, Resources, and Data

Sherpa travel requirements and documentation
CDC Guidelines for Post-Vaccination Travel
US Travel Info and Requirements

UnTours Travel Updates for Europe

Vaccinations are required for all UnTours travelers

Proof of vaccination is still required for entry to some countries in Europe.
Our normal cancellation penalties will apply if you decide to cancel. Date changes are subject to fees. You can see our policy here.

COVID testing for your US return is no longer required.

Travel Notes

  • Passport renewals are backed up. Allow extra time! Read more.
  • We advise travelers to book flight tickets early, though schedules will likely change multiple times and fares may drop later on some routes.
  • Global rental car shortages are impacting fleets in Europe, limiting options in some cases for upgrades, one-way drop offs, and price options.

Insure Your Travels

Visit the Travel Insured website for updates on COVID-19 and coverage for your travel.
Read their COVID info
  • You can download the Travel Insured app
  • Consider adding Bed Rest coverage to help offset expenses from a possible quarantine in Europe.
  • Cancel for Any Reason Coverage is another option to consider; it covers up to 75% of costs on a cancellation.
  • Coverage and benefits options vary by state and may also vary for policies that are "rolled over" from canceled/rescheduled UnTours.

Travel is back!

Stay well, friends. Get your booster and encourage others to get vaccinated. We'll see you soon on an UNTOUR in Europe.