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What's the difference between Road Scholar (Elderhostel) and Untours?

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Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) is a large, well-respected organization providing highly structured travel experiences focused on people 55 years and older. Untours is a small company that helps people travel independently in Europe while staying in fully furnished vacation rental accommodations. Untours vacation packages include local transportation, transfer assistance, and the support of an on-site host. If you are someone who enjoys the adventure of getting away from the crowd and exploring on your own, Untours is the natural choice. Untours travelers have the opportunity to live in a country rather than just pass through it.

Road Scholar Untours
AccommodationsElderhostel tours provide you with hotels and sometimes college dormitories.Untours feature fully-furnished private apartments, cottages, and farm houses ideally situated to explore both local and world renowned sites.
Regional specializationElderhostel travels throughout the World (8,000 programs in 90 countries)Untours specializes in Europe (23 programs in 11 countries), with additional programs in Buenos Aires and Quebec.
Type of packages offeredElderhostel packages are all-inclusive with most meals, tours, and lectures included. Airfare optional.Untours packages include apartment, local transit (rail pass, rental car, or city transit pass), and on-site support: airport transfer assistance, orientation session, and ongoing support from local English-speaking staff. Meals and tours are not included, allowing maximum freedom for independent exploration. Airfare optional.
Sample PriceSample Elderhostel trip: 10 nights in Switzerland, includes meals, guides and lectures, hotels, and transportation by coach/rail between cities, without airfare: $3,699 per person, double occupancy.Sample Untours trip: 14 nights in Switzerland, includes furnished vacation rental with equipped kitchen, on-site staff support, 14 day Swiss Rail passes valid on trains, buses, and lake ships plus free entry to over 400 museums, and many other extras from $1,649 per person, double occupancy.
Program operationsElderhostel is operated by over 500 independent subcontractors.Operated by Untours.
Company sizeLargeSmall (Regional specialists visit programs regularly to inspect properties and oversee on-site operations. These experts are available by phone to discuss your individual vacation plans.)
Company ageElderhostel was founded in 1975Untours was founded in 1975
ProfitsElderhostel is a not-for-profit organizationUntours' profits support the The non-profit Untours Foundation

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