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Located on the hillside above St. Goar, the Wolters vacation apartment rental is a very comfortable and scenic home base for your Rhine Untour. This spacious third-floor apartment offers 2 bedrooms, each with twins in a non-separable frame. One of the bedrooms also features a beautiful view of the Rhine River and the valley below. The apartment has a kitchen/living area area combination with a large window and terrific views for watching boats go up and down the Rhine. The apartment has a bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet. The lovely and spacious garden outside the house can be used for relaxation after a busy day of sightseeing and for outdoor dining.

From the village to the apartment, the last 100 meters are an uphill walk. The hillside apartment is approximately 10 minutes from the St. Goar train station. The owners live on the first floor and speak limited English, but they are helpful and friendly if you need them.

St. Goar is the site of Burg Rheinfels, the largest castle ruin on the Rhine, reachable by a 15- to 20-minute walk from town (a 10-minute walk from the apartment). From the castle there are outstanding views of the vineyards and river below, as well as access to several hiking trails.

Transportation opportunities in St. Goar include regular train and boat service. (The German Rail Pass, furnished with your Rhine Untour, covers rail and KD boats ). A ferry connects St. Goar with its sister village, St. Goarhausen, across the river. St. Goar offers a great variety of restaurants, banks with ATMs, food markets, florist, butcher shop, bakey, cafés, tourist information office, cellars for wine tasting and a nice variety of shops for souvenirs.

Occupancy: This property sleeps 1-4 people. | Disclaimer | Print Page

Property Details


2 bedrooms with twins in non-separable frame


1 shower, separate toilet


Kitchen with 2 hot plates (no oven), microwave


Host will do laundry for fee


Third floor, stairs.


Third floor, stairs, good access


10-minute walk to train station, 10 minutes to KD boat dock, 10 minutes to castle, 10 minutes to food store and bakery


Uphill walk to apartment from main street


Wi-Fi, TV, microwave, owners live on first floor


Rhine views from kitchen and bedroom, terrific garden and patio for outdoor dining

WEATHER: See weather data for this region throughout the year.

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What's included with the Germany - Rhine Untour?

  • One or two weeks in a private apartment in the Middle Rhine area between Mainz and Koblenz.
  • Suggestions for booking your international flight from the U.S. to Frankfurt, or we can purchase tickets on your behalf. (Click for more information on Untours' air policies.)
  • Transfer assistance in the form of detailed instructions and a rail schedule from the Frankfurt airport to your Rhine village.
  • A 2nd class 7day rail pass (7 non-consecutive days within one month), or a 15day rail pass (15 consecutive days) for unlimited travel on the German rail system and a 20% discount on boats of the Köln-Düsseldorf Line.
  • An orientation session by our superb on-site staff with current information on local events, concerts, and festivals.
  • Local information and our own Untouring Rhineland guidebook, researched and written by Untours staff, full of the best restaurants, sightseeing, and other suggestions.
  • A local cultural event, like a guided tour of Siegfried's Musical Cabinet in Ruedesheim.
  • A stash of groceries upon your arrival, so you don’t need to shop right away.
  • Pre-trip planning advice from our staff, available by phone or email right up until you leave.
  • Ongoing support with our local representative. Help available when you need it.

Landlord or Host for Wolters, St. Goar, Germany - Rhine

Landlord/Host: The Wolters live on the first floor and are very quiet. They are friendly, but speak limited English, so they don’t generally interact with guests.

St. Goar, Germany - Rhine, Home of Wolters

St. Goar is a charming town on the west side of the Rhine River. The village is busy with the KD boats coming and going on this majestic waterway. It also boasts good train connections. The town itself is the busiest of all our 5 villages in the area, meaning more restaurants, shops, markets and wine cellars. St. Goar was historically the home of river pilots. Until the Rhine was dredged, these pilots boarded ships here to navigate the treacherous Lorelei pass just to the south. Special weather vanes still mark the houses of the river captains.

St. Goar is the home of Burg Rheinfels, a castle ruin high above the town that dates back to 1245. It is an outstanding example of early medieval architecture that established standards for all building operations within the German Empire. The castle is open from April to October from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and can be reached by a strenuous hike. Or if you prefer, you can buy a ticket (round trip or one way) on a trackless tourist train that leaves from the center of town. For your enjoyment, there is a restaurant at the top and occasional summertime concerts.

Another town treasure can be found in the Catholic church, reconstructed at the end of the nineteenth century in Gothic style. Inside is a late-Gothic treasure, an altarpiece that is one of the most valuable works of central Rhine painting and dates from 1480. From St. Goar you can easily take long day trips to Trier, Heidelberg, Cologne or other unique villages along the Mosel River. Shorter day trips can be enjoyed as you board the KD boats going up the Rhine to Braubach or Koblenz. Leisurely cruise down the Rhine to Rudesheim and take the chair lift over the endless vineyards for a tremendous view of the Rhine Valley. Continue on to Wiesbaden, Bingen or Mainz to see the Marc Chagall stained glass windows in St.Stephan's Church and the Gutenberg Museum. Within this area you will discover 30 castles within a 10-mile stretch of the Rhine.

St. Goar offers a butcher shop, a small grocery store, souvenir shops, banks with ATMs, a tourist information office and a good variety of restaurants. For major grocery shopping, we recommend the supermarkets in Oberwesel or St. Goarshausen on the other side of the river. From spring until early fall you can enjoy a variety of village festivals with local foods, bands and wine tasting. The most famous celebration is the Rhine in Flames. This spectacular display of fireworks takes place on barges on the water and in the hills above the river, making it look like the Rhine is on fire with bright colors. You will feel very much at home in the warm, welcoming village of St. Goar.

Customer comments about Wolters, St. Goar, Germany - Rhine

"It was great to come HOME to Wolters in St. Goar! This was the best place for us - small, friendly, easy access to train and boat (despite the hill) and the views were SPECTACULAR! A great trip! WONDERFUL MEMORIES!" Patricia Dischinger

"Our hosts were friendly and very anxious that we should enjoy our stay. The beds and bedding were comfortable, the kitchen well stocked and convenient, but it was the view that sold us on this apartment. Looking out at the Rhine both from the bedroom and living room windows was pure joy. Each day we spent time enjoying the view and saying how lucky we were to be there. The trek up the hill was just another part of our day and made the experience of "going home" just that much more special." Charlie Lindberg

"Loved the river view. We also liked the separate vanity sinks in each bedroom, which was quite convenient." Kristen Briner

"St. Goar was beautiful!!! We loved the location. The landlords were wonderful. They let us have our privacy but were there if we needed something--even though they didn't speak much English, they sure did try! The grounds were perfect--Walter kept things beautiful with his rose garden! Perfect location! The view of the Rhine River from the apartment was wonderful, and you can watch the sun come up right over the mountain every morning." Julie Clovis-Anderson

"The views of the Rhine, the towns of St, Goar below and St. Goarshausen across, the boats, barges, and other traffic, and the sunrises and sunsets make this a beautiful location! Our landlords, Walter and Emmy Wolters, were especially kind and generous. They speak little English, but when I began speaking what little German I knew, Walter felt free to speak with us at each encounter, which Helen and I understood somewhat. Emmy also left us some desserts and wine, and often asked if we were warm enough. They both were sweethearts!" Ray and Helen Taylor

"It was roomy, very clear with fantastic views of the Rhine and the village. It was up a hill, which was a concern, but although the hill is a little steep, their place is the first home as one goes up the hill, so the hike is short and very worth the effort. The Wolters were so gracious." Don & Doris Mosser

"The view and the brightness of the Wolters apartment were worth the short walk uphill, definitely." Linda Goodrich

"The location and view were excellent." Ronald Jantz

"Frau Wolters apartment was very charming and comfortable. We loved it." Richard Erickson

Ratings for Wolters, St. Goar, Germany - Rhine

Modern Kitchen (oven, microwave, dishwasher, stovetop, modern ambience)64
Television (none, TV w/o cable, TV w/cable)22
Attractiveness (décor, charm, windowboxes, antiques)65
Bathroom (attractive, functional)33
Furniture Comfort (comfortable chairs, etc.)66
Outdoor amenties: Patio, Balcony, Swimming pool21
Laundry facilities: (yes, limited, no)21
Sleeping facilities comfort44

Apartment Host Experience (positive experience)1210
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the apartment and immediate surroundings1210
Charm, Flavor, Sense of Place: the neighborhood (if it is in a city or larger town) or the village (if it is in a country/rural Untour)1212
Distance to Transportation/Major Roads54
Shopping (access to everyday supplies)33
Well-Situated To See The Region or City66

An Explanation of the Ratings:

These ratings come from a combination of customer reviews and the reports of Untours staff who have seen the apartments and/or followed reports from customers over the years.

These ratings give a sense of how most people feel, but your tastes and requirements may vary. If you have any questions about this apartment, please call us at 1-888-868-6871. You can talk to someone who has seen the accommodation.

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