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Brian Taussig-Lux

After coming to work for Untours in 1983, I took a break for several years in the 1990s to go to graduate school for business and environmental policy. After I finished, I couldn't resist the temptation to return to work for my Uncle Hal Taussig.

I first visited Switzerland at Hal's invitation in 1981. That trip sparked a passion for travel and a love for Switzerland that have yet to abate. My first assignment at Untours was to start an Untour in Austria. I spent seven years in the 1980s doing the on-site work in the Salzburg region of Austria, living in my favorite village of Kuchl during the season. My love for Austria is lasting, although my trips there have become sadly infrequent.

Prague remains one of my favorite cities. I started visiting the city in 1981 and managed to travel there annually during the 1980s in the years leading up to the Velvet Revolution. I have always been charmed by the city's Gothic and Renaissance architecture, as well as its vibrant contemporary cultural scene.

Since my early forays into Italy in the 1980s, I've learned to appreciate the colors and flavors of the country. I have particularly fallen for Tuscany and Umbria's quiet, rural landscapes, excellent wines, and unassuming, simple local cuisines. On a recent trip to Amalfi I did an easy, but very dramatic hike high above the coast that opened my eyes to a destination I would like to explore in more depth.

Despite all this, it's not just the travel, but the love and respect I have for Hal and his legacy that keeps me at Untours. Working at Untours has given me an opportunity to continue his mission to create a company that makes a positive difference in the world.

In my off-hours I'm involved in local affairs in Media, PA, serving as Treasurer of our small municipality. In my spare time, I practice Tai Chi, snowboard, and hike in the Adirondack Mountains.