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Headed for Piegaro: the Etruscans, Part 2

Italy Tuscany Umbria

June 12, 2018 by Betty Albert

On our last day at the UnTours farm near Spoleto in Umbria, Maurizia at the nearby bakery gave us big hugs and kisses and “bona fortuna” as we thanked her for the wonderful open “forno” experience. We would miss our morning trip for danish, panini, and poppy gazing. We also had to say goodbye with…  

Finding Etruscan Treasures, and Friendship, in Umbria (Part 1)

Italy Tuscany Umbria

April 20, 2018 by Betty Albert

This is part one in a series on the ancient Etruscan civilization that inhabited central Italy from the 8th – 4th centuries BC. Planning our trip to Italy last May, I became interested in the historical finds of the Etruscans, who thrived during four centuries BC and contributed heavily to Roman civilization. The Greeks regarded…  

Your Italian Bucket List: See These 12 Places Before You Die

Amalfi Coast Florence Italy Rome Tuscany Umbria Venice

June 2, 2015 by Andrea Szyper

Montalcino, Top of your Bucket List So much to see and do in Italy. Of course you will likely start with Venice, Florence and Rome, what we knowlingly call The Big Three. (Wink. Nudge.) You may have gotten into the Tuscan countryside or the Amalfi Coast. If you’re lucky (and/or savvy), you’ve dug more deeply into these places….  

Russell & Barbara Crum, Renaissance Untourists of the Week (Umbria..Switzerland and Austria!)

Austria Italy Salzburg Switzerland Ticino Umbria Untourist of the Week

March 26, 2014 by Mtaussig

1. Tell us a little bit about your most recent Untour. Our most recent Untour was to Kuchl, Austria in May 2012. We chose the Seiwald apartment for two weeks. We found this to be a charming small town to base in with great scenery. It was interesting to sit on our balcony and watch…  

And the Unny winners are…

Alsace Amalfi Coast Andalusia Argentina Austria Barcelona Budapest Buenos Aires Canada Castle Czech Rep. Florence France Germany Greece Heartland Holland Hungary Istanbul Italy Leiden Nafplio Oberland Paris Prague Provence Quebec Rhine Rome Salzburg Spain Switzerland Ticino Turkey Tuscany Umbria Venice Vienna

March 3, 2014 by Nickfortunatus

Photo by Untourist Ron Anderson As you may know, we had the inaugural Unny Awards just recently. These awards are our way of recognizing the regions which have welcomed UnTours all these years. The Unnies are fun and lighthearted and that’s how we like things around here. We like to think of them as the…