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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your City Trips in Europe

Barcelona Budapest Florence London Madrid Museums Paris Rome Travel Tips Trip planning Venice Vienna

November 10, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Considering a visit to one or more of the great cities in Europe? Getting the most out of your city travel experience takes a special kind of planning, especially as we navigate COVID and how it has altered the way we dine and sightsee. You can still enjoy the best of Europe’s cities. Many have…  

Just in from Bavaria: The 2021 German Castle Untour Report

Castle Germany

September 21, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Our Castle Untour in Bavaria is a unique program, where guests stay in comfortably furnished apartments in a medieval castle. They are hosted by the baron and his wife, and generally treated regally. Manfred and Lilo reported missing their guests when travel was shut down. (They are photographed below.) So they were delighted to host…  

Hal’s Giving Club: Help Us Build a Better Future

Untours Foundation

September 14, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Hal Taussig founded UnTours back in 1975, long before the peer economy or the internet. His tour company created a new way to travel, and he built a business that supported local economies in his host communities in Europe while promoting a low-impact travel model that connected Americans with new cultures and ideas. Hal ran…  

Visit to the Mercados Municipais Estefânia Food Hall in Sintra, Portugal


August 30, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

This far into COVID, I think some of us are tiring of our own cooking and the drabness of our grocery shopping routines. So, a little inspiration from the Mercados Municipais Estefânia in Sintra, a small  but popular food hall in town that offers fresh produce and a wide range of foodstuffs. It is a popular…  

Tuscany and Amalfi 2021 Report: Our First Italian Untourists

Amalfi Coast Italy Tuscany

August 23, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

…And we’re back! Italy was the first country in Europe to shut down, so it felt particularly satisfying and a little poetic that it was one of our first countries to welcome Untourists this summer. The Lorenzis and the Moormans were our first guests in Italy, the first Untourists to return to Italy since 2019….  

What is Floriade 2022? A Green Reason to Visit Holland

Eco/living green Gardens and parks Holland Leiden

August 19, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Every ten years the Netherlands hosts a massive exposition on plants and flowers, a nod to its role at the international epicenter of all things green and blooming. Each decade’s show is a big deal, drawing visitors from around the world and appealing to horticultural professionals and the general public in equal measure. The next…  

Testaccio and the Aventino: Two Very Roman Neighborhoods

Italy Rome

August 5, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

On a brief visit, it is easy to miss the fact that Rome is a city of neighborhoods, and some of its greatest charms lie in the less touristy districts. (On a Rome Untour you have time to explore these areas or can even stay in them for a week or more.) Meet a couple…  

Echoes of Ancient Rome in Provence: Pont du Gard and Beyond

France Provence

June 1, 2021 by Andrea Szyper

Provence has so many appeals, it is easy to overlook its impressive endowment of archaeological sites. Evidence of the Roman presence is all over the area. In fact, Provence has some of the best preserved vestiges of the Roman Empire in all of Europe. Southern France was a very important part of the vast Empire….